November 15th: Cliché Of the Day



Halloween 2016 – Castaway ft. Wilson and the FedEx box

November 15th;

I’m thankful for my family. I know…everyone always says this in one of the first few things they list. But in not one to have bundles and bunches of friends. I have my family. I have Chris’ family. I have such a big support system and such love from both sides. My son is my angel on earth. { although he may not always act accordingly } Without Chris and our son, let’s just say I’ll be one bored momma! Or woman I should say. There surely is never a dull moment with us, that’s for sure. My heart is so full and content with my boys.

So here’s to the 15th day of thanks being given to my family, or as I see them, my best friends.


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