Pet Peeves

We all know them, we all have peeves. Basically this is just a list of petty, unimportant first world problems that annoy the heck out of me, that will accumulate over time. It’ll pair with my other blog { currently under wraps } for  my own comparison.

* plz note I am a very blessed woman and highly aware of it, but we all have a peeve or ten 😉

  • November Peeves
  1. Two words: Wet. Socks.
  2. Hot coffee, wonderful. Iced coffee, wonderful. But hot coffee that gets cold..not so wonderful.
  3. Any human/animal that finds their way under my feet or steps on the back of my shoes. 
  4. Reoccurring sounds & questions. 
  5. Someone smacking or slurping their food. I literally know a woman who will slurp the cheese straight off the noodle.
  6. The sound of someone scratching their leg through their jeans. { This usually only applies when they have long fingernails. }
  7. Faulty plans. Like do you people not realize my life revolves around assurance?!

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