The Little Things

I recently read a blog on I Had A Big Lunch and I loved the use of the term “Little Loves” as an opposing word for pet peeve. So while giving the credit to them for this, here’s my opposing blog for my previous one { Pet Peeves } ; a list of all the small things in life that make my heart smile, that will accumulate over time. 

Images courtesy of: Dapper Darling 

  • November littles
  1. Hot baths after being cold { and wet }
  2. A child’s face when they learn something new. Total teacher/mom love. Nothing beats my son or my work-kids learning something new and smiling ear to ear. 
  3. Cold pillows 
  4. Planners and calendars.  Anything and everything organizational. 
  5. New sharpies & fresh crayons 
  6. Brush lettering  
  7. Transaction totals that even out
  8. CANDLES! Current favorites: Snuggly Sweater by Chesapeake Bay & Cozy Nights by Signature Soy. 
  9. Feeling appreciated 
  10. A clean house 

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