Imagine a world where everything was perfect. No bad days, no mistakes, no hardships. Just an easy going, laid back world.

Imagine yourself in this world. Are you thankful? Are you soaking in the good times and taking advantage of the time you have with the people / things in your life? Are you indulging in all good things the world has to offer?

Of course you are. But why?

You’re able to, of course, because of the bad experiences you’ve already been through. The bad days, the mistakes, the hardships. You’ve lived through the emotions of failure, anguish, down falls. Without these, how could we ever be grateful for what we have been given?

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, you are given everything you have. Or lent to you, I should say. I’m positive we are all well aware that nothing has a permanent spot in our lives, but I don’t think we’re all aware of how soon the temporary people and things can be taken back. These hard times are the days we need to fully appreciate the amazing opportunities, journeys, and experiences we are handed.

So I choose to be grateful that it’s not a perfect world. I’m grateful for the bad days and the failures. For I feel that it would be a world of {tart } individuals without an inch of appreciation for the wonders we are provided.


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