Forgiveness Is A Choice

Need some forgiveness in your life? Check out this GREAT read by Tangible Triumph.

Tangible Triumph

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Reyna

Founder & Owner of: RAYN OF CHAOS

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Similar to love, forgiveness is a choice. It’s a choice that often needs to be made repeatedly.

It’s the choice to allow ourselves to heal from the hurts that have been dealt. It is a choice that is not contingent upon anything else, beyond a love of Self. You have to love yourself enough to recognize that forgiveness will help you recover from the pain.

Maybe you believe you need closure, or you need to know *why* the hurtful event happened… maybe those are truly needs for you, but don’t let them be impediments to forgiveness.

Forgiveness is acknowledging what has happened and saying that you’ll move on. It’s applying ointment to a burn, daily…

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