November 17th and 18th

Let’s pretend I didn’t forget to be thankful yesterday. 

Today I am thankful for my job. The job I’ve had since I was 14. The job that works with every crazy schedule of mine between being a mom and going to school. The job that’s been family since I started attending at 2 years old. 

I work at the best preschool in South Louisiana. It’s the only preschool I’ll trust with my children and know they’ll be prepared for kindergarten. 

I teach a pre-k 4 year old class, my personal favorite age to work with aside from Kindergarten. I’ll be going to school for my degree in Early Childhood Education at UL in the spring. 

I always worked here because it’s all I’ve ever known. I was planning on majoring somewhere in the medical field. But I fell in love with teaching. Nothing beats the transformation of child from point a to point b, the appreciation the parents have for molding their child’s mind and beginning their education.  
Image- Quotesgram


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