Lettering and Doodling: November

Sooooo…I’ve started a thing. 

I have a strange fascination for font, calligraphy, typography, hand written lettering, brush lettering, etc. I have about a thousand pins just on different ways to write the alphabet. I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of girl, rather than technology. I’m the one in class taking 5 hours to write one slide in my notebook rather than just typing it, only to get home and realize it’s too messy and rewrite it. I have about 5 different handwritings that I use depending on my laziness, time, or what I’m writing for. It’s weird, I know. But I am in love with writing, doodling, art. I’ve never been good at drawing; art class wasn’t my best subject in highschool. But if I was graded on the doodles on the side of my history notes or effort I put into decorating my planners, I’d be on the principals list every time. 

I’m in no way, shape, or form an artist. My doodles may look like Picasso’s shit to me but a 5 year old’s art work to you. 

I’ve decided I just need practice. So I jumped on the Lettering and Doodle Challenges. It’s a monthly 30 day challenge which mostly consist of daily prompts: Odd days being { Doodle-it } and Even days being { Letter-it }. So I’ll be sliding in at the end of this month’s and starting December’s on the 1st. This month’s prompts will be from Dawn Nicole Designs

*I also am choosing to add a likes and dislikes side note to better help me learn.*

                      ~Let’s Compare~

  • November 22nd:  

                    LETTER IT { Seek Beauty }

Likes: my use of different fonts and the added floral 

Dislikes : my added corner piece: I messed up my bow and in attempt to fix it, I only made it to be too much.


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