I woke up today and my first thought  “GOD will it ever stop raining?”  No I wasn’t talking to God himself and no I wasn’t being dramatic. It’s been raining for days. But look how I almost started my day. Negative  Although it was motivated by aggravation  rather than a prayer of petition..God spoke to… Continue reading Rain


               >>  Relax << E and I {weird..} slept at my mom and dad’s, new-ish, house Saturday night since Chris was at the camp. Boy did sitting at my momma’s looking at this bring back memories.  Watching Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation on the couch with popcorn, wrapping presents with my… Continue reading Relax


12 years in a private school and naturally I read “Sacred” yet heard “Jesus, Mary, Moses, Exodus, Leviticus, Jonah & the Whale”…do you see where I’m going with this? But once I went through the Books of the Bible and 10 Commandments…I started thinking about our country, our world if we’re going for a more… Continue reading Sacred 

National Days: December 4

December 4th National Sock Day National Cookie Day National Dice Day >>>I absolutely love socks..is that weird? Fuzzy socks, sweater socks, quilted socks, patterned socks, neon socks… I’m the cheapest person on your Christmas list. I have an impressive panoply of strange, comfy, festive socks. …. told y’all I’d start using that word;) *disregard my… Continue reading National Days: December 4