Life in Phases

If I were allowed to make up my own word to describe myself it would be: phasey. 

I live in phases. I get bored quickly, I get distracted easily, I get discouraged constantly. I get excited and jump into this and that only to get bored, distracted, or discouraged. I have ADD…along with every other disorder in the book { anxiety, depression, etc. } but the ADD affects my phasey ways. 

By phasey I mean this:

For example: I throw myself into crafting. I still am and will always be into crafting, it’s a love of mine. But I’ll start one project and finish half of it before deciding I hate it. I decide it’s not good enough or not worth my time anymore. My craft room is full of unfinished projects. It drives me INSANE. But being a mother, I only have specific times to work on things and between projects I simply lose interest. 

Now, blogging. It’s something I don’t want to quit. It’s something I hope to stick with, not get bored with, and hopefully be good at some day. But look at my last post date and you’ll see how I started veering off. I decided napping was a better use of “me” time. I’m sure a break is always useful and stuff, but I know myself. I’ll quit and never return. 

I started a doodle and lettering journal. I LOVE fonts as I’ve said before, so you know I LOVE doing these everyday. But some days I don’t. Some days I wonder why I ever thought I’d want to take up such a thing. 

I hate living the phasey life. I feel like I can’t keep a hobby, an interest, a passion. 

I research reasons behind this but only feel lazy in the end for never finishing a product I start no matter what I find. 

So basically what I’m saying is I suck. I don’t particularly like the term I’m using but it’s the only one I can use to fully describe how much I hate my flakey, phasey personality. 

I haven’t blogged in days, doodled in days, crafted in days, and I miss it. I want to start something…AND FINISH IT. I want to follow through with all that I begin. Anyone else out there have this problem? It’s beginning to take over… 


3 thoughts on “Life in Phases

  1. This is a double edged sword! It’s not a negative to have so much creativity in you that you want to try everything. But it can make you feel less than productive or successful when you want to explore other things. I know it well!

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      1. I just know for years I always got told I quit everything…yet strangely I was always doing something new. 🤔 I learned when someone tells me I quit things, to say, ‘Nope, I just want to try *everything*’ . Haha!

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