One Woman Mariachi Band 

I often refer to myself as a one woman mariachi band. 

Constantly juggling 17 different things at a time for 14 different people. 

Feeding, washing, playing, bathing, cuddling, loving, dressing, buying, bandaging, wiping, changing, consoling, driving, sheltering, teaching, protecting, correcting, disciplining, thinking. For everyone but myself. 

Do I complain? Always 

Do I stress? Most definitely 

But do I thank the man upstairs for this life? Every single day. 

Molding, forming, constructing tiny lives/minds into respectful, kind, SMART members of our society’s future. 

Wouldn’t change the parent/teacher/”wife” life for all the riches or finer things things 🙂 

Image from: Just Outside the Box Cartoons >>> check out their cartoons and subscribe 



2 thoughts on “One Woman Mariachi Band 

  1. I feel the same way! I’ve been struggling to blog lately. I’m doing everything, even with a good husband, I’m still doing it all. I pick up hobbies too and just never finish. Sigh.

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