>>  Relax <<

E and I {weird..} slept at my mom and dad’s, new-ish, house Saturday night since Chris was at the camp. Boy did sitting at my momma’s looking at this bring back memories. 

Watching Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation on the couch with popcorn, wrapping presents with my mom, stringing the tree with popcorn and cranberries, waking up to Santa’s array of gifts and goodies, giggling with my sister….

My favorite time of year is upon us! Bring on the fires, whiskey, and Classic Country Saturday Night or cookies, milk, and movies by the Christmas tree. 

*But I’ll have wine..

**A lot of wine with maybe a nap

This picture was a total accident but I totally loved the illuminated tree, just barely shedding light to the stockings hanging still over the fire place. I cannot wait to continue my own family’s traditions while creating new ones for E to look back on. 


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