12 years in a private school and naturally I read “Sacred” yet heard “Jesus, Mary, Moses, Exodus, Leviticus, Jonah & the Whale”…do you see where I’m going with this?

But once I went through the Books of the Bible and 10 Commandments…I started thinking about our country, our world if we’re going for a more broad route on the topic.. 

I remember growing up playing in the street, walking to the gas station, going to the town fairgrounds without an adult at 13. I remember clear as daylight telling my high school teacher I refuse to have kids because it’d be unfair to them. She asked me why, with judgement written across her forehead might I add. {I mentioned the private/catholic school thing right?} I told her “Do you watch the news? Check your facebook newsfeed daily? Do you see what’s going on everyday? EVERY day. How could I make the choice to have a child in this terrible world while it’s only worsening as time continues.” 

I get on facebook and see nothing but shared posts from friends on the latest mass shooting or predator attack. The news isn’t any better. Shootings, bombings, abuse, abductions, rape, murder, suicide, drugs, stabbings, intoxicated drivers. 

Acts of >> terrorism, violence, hatred, addiction, depression, revenge, jealousy, war, scandal 

I can tell you right now…my son is lucky to live in the country. I can let him play out in the back without worry filling every inch of my body..but that still doesn’t leave me with much comfort. I couldn’t imagine letting him out of my sight at the fair, much less stay my ass home while he’s there. I couldn’t imagine letting him walk to the store around the corner. 

I know I’m stating the obvious, preaching zero new information to a very aware choir. But now that I have E, while I’m still convinced we live in a hate filled world, I don’t feel that way anymore.The child we raise is the determining factor on whether or not this world burns to the ground. Call me dramatic, I’m used to it, but I firmly believe this to be true. We are in control of our children’s future world in which they live…the way we raise our children…that’s how we fix this. We as parents are responsible for raising that child to be respectful, responsible, dependent, intelligent members of their future society. We as parents are responsible for raising that child with LOVE and consequences for actions. We as parents are responsible in doing all that we can and pray our world turns around for our children; the rest is up to them. 

I cast zero judgment on any one person on their parenting techniques, I couldn’t care less how things are done in your home…unless it puts the child in harms way. I cannot sit and say your way is wrong and mine right. I cannot sit and say you’re doing it this way or that. But if we don’t teach our sons to be kind, respectful MEN and our daughters to be kind, respectful WOMEN…we can’t really complain when reality comes rolling in, can we? 

Maybe I’m making no sense…maybe you don’t agree. Maybe I sound like a complete imbecile. 

But I’m confident that with praise, discipline, and some tough love here and there…we can make this world a little more peaceful. A little more sacred. 

Acts of >> Love, happiness, kindness, sharing, sacredness, peacefulness, sanctity, divinity, passion, giving, forgiveness, healing, reconciliation


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