New Opportunities

Hello Everyone! I would just like to share that I have started a new journey in my love for crafting, designing, and so on. For any of your invitation or digital design needs please check out my website and submit an order request! Samples will be presented onto the site soon 🙂 VStaples_Design


The impulses  The temptations The urges Being in a relationship often means biting your tongue. Whether it’s friendship, marriage, child-parent, or family. I’ve always struggled with this, and I always get myself into a larger mess than before. Sometimes letting go and releasing your words can be freeing, lifting weights from your chest. But sometimes… Continue reading Resist


I woke up today and my first thought  “GOD will it ever stop raining?”  No I wasn’t talking to God himself and no I wasn’t being dramatic. It’s been raining for days. But look how I almost started my day. Negative  Although it was motivated by aggravation  rather than a prayer of petition..God spoke to… Continue reading Rain