I woke up today and my first thought 

“GOD will it ever stop raining?” 

No I wasn’t talking to God himself and no I wasn’t being dramatic. It’s been raining for days. But look how I almost started my day. Negative 

Although it was motivated by aggravation  rather than a prayer of petition..God spoke to me. 

“The rain will stop upon recognition and appreciation rather than diminishing it’s value.”

Say what? I’m suppose to thank Mother Nature for descending 400 pounds of water in my yard? I don’t think so. 

But today I’m trying something different. I’m not going to let my first thought of the day decipher the day I have ahead of me. And suddenly I realized God wasn’t talking about the rain itself, but the rain in my own life. The things that add negative drops on my day and bring true value to the good in my life, the shine when the rain is over. The rain in my life helps me appreciate the sun in my life. God is my sun, my family is my sun, and I’d rather stare the sun in the face with a smile then be struck by the lightening. Positive


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